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February 26th 2016 | Mexican Summer | Albums

Photo: Daniel Dorsa

Plaza is the third album from Boston's Quilt: a name implying a meeting place, a crossroads, a coming together. In the space of ten songs, Plaza clarifies Quilt’s musical stance of a congregation; mixing folk, pop-psych, and wanderlust into a common ground where each form takes on the characteristics of one another to create something wholly satisfying, the purest and sharpest distillation of Quilt’s group aesthetic to date. 

The album's first single, 'Eliot St', comes marked by broad, open chords that give way to wavering strings and a carefully walking rhythm; a dazzling ballad that pulls together elements of folk, chamber music, and studio pop in a way the group has never done before. Shane Butler’s melancholy lyrics and delivery frame a tale of finding strength within the footholds of despair, enveloped by a rapidly oscillating ensemble that echo his words' every gesture. Along with the rest of their new album, 'Eliot St.' reveals another facet of the group’s new congregation, strengthening the musical bonds found on their first two albums into a common ground where their distinguished forms unify around one another, styles and sentiments hand-in-hand.

"Either they replicate specific moments in the history of 20th-century American music that we cannot concretely pin down, or they are designed to reflect a set of unwritten expectations and parameters."
- Pitchfork

"An album that defies you to believe it was made in a Brooklyn studio. Their patchwork sound is
comprised of languid pastoral harmonies, Incredible String Band-like patchouli-drone and lysergic reverb that hints that Tame Impala may have been an inspiration."
- The Guardian on Held in Splendor

"Quilt make gently stoned, counter culture pop for brown paneled station wagons, which somehow will forever sound autumnal even when they planned for it to be summer music."
- Loud and Quiet, Album of the Week


1. Passersby
2. Roller
3. Searching For
4. O'Connor's Barn
5. Eliot St.
6. Hissing My Plea
7. Something There
8. Padova
9. Your Island
10. Own Ways

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