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December 4th 2015 | Polydor Records | Albums

The debut full-length album from international chart-topping Australian artist Troye Sivan, Blue Neighbourhood is a musical trip full of twists and turns, cutting-edge production, sparse booming beats, majestic flourishes and beautiful modern poetry. Troye Sivan has built an intoxicating mini-universe of high emotion, exuberance and fragility. It’s a gleaming statement in state-of-the-art pop, an international soundtrack for today. At its core is the pure, honest, fragile, nuanced, exquisite, anxious, aching, soulful vocal stylings of Troye Sivan. There are many around the world who’ve already pinned this unique sound as the voice of a generation.

“It’s all autobiographical,” says Troye of the album. “It takes place in both the suburbs of Perth where I’ve grown up, which I consider to be my blue neighbourhood, but then also in this fast-paced, crazy, whirlwind life that I’m now living in hotel rooms and planes. And it takes place inside the mind of a 20-year-old kid. I wanted to make sure that youthfulness was there; I worked mostly with really, really young people on this record.”

Fans of Troye’s recent mini-album"Wild", a certified worldwide pop chart phenomenon in its own right, will have a strong sense of the cutting-edge sonic soundscape that awaits here – the six songs from Wild serve as act one on this expanded electronica opera that is Blue Neighbourhood.

Work on Blue Neighbourhood began in earnest around the middle of 2014. In all, Troye says some 60 songs made the long list for the debut long player. There were sessions in hotel rooms in Los Angeles, recording studios in Sydney and, of course, bedrooms in Perth. However, many of these collaborations were destined never to see the light of day.

Once again, Troye’s key partner in the new songs is the gifted young Sydney-based songstress named Alex Hope. “She’s just the best,” beams Troye. “I feel like we’ve been on the craziest journey as writers and artists since we started working together.” Alex is credited with co-writing half of Blue Neighbourhood, including the exhilarating introductory tracks “Wild”, “Fools” and “DKLA” - three instant anthems, two of which provided part of the soundtrack to Troyes cinematic Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy that accompanied the release of the "Wild" mini-album.

Much of the remainder of Blue Neighbourhood was written in collaboration with another trio of young pop composers in Bram Inscore, Brett McLaughlin & Allie X. “They just find the perfect balance between completely appreciating and loving and worshipping good pop music whilst still being absolutely bat-shit crazy and completely open to trying whatever,” says Troye. Together, they’ve produced some of the most intimate moments on Blue Neighbourhood, including the aching "Lost Boy", "Talk Me Down" and the unabashed love song, "for him".

Other one-off collaborations also bring different shades and depth to Blue Neighbourhood, including the understated moody appearance by New Zealand’s Broods on “Ease”, Tkay Maidza’s gentle rap on “DKLA”, and a special guest vocal appearance by Alex Hope on the bonus track, “Blue”.

Troye Sivan is an artist who has fulfilled a lifetime of preparation and potential to produce a landmark work.

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1. Wild
2. Fools
3. Ease (ft. Broods)
4. Talk Me Down
5. Cool
6. Heaven (ft. Betty Who)
7. Youth
8. Lost Boy
9. for him. (ft. Allday)
10. Suburbia


1. Wild
2. Bite
3. Fools
4. Ease (ft. Broods)
5. The Quiet
6. DKLA (Ft. Tkay Maidza)
7. Talk Me Down
8. Cool
9. Heaven (ft. Betty Who)
10. Youth
11. Lost Boy
12. for him. (ft. Allday)
13. Suburbia
14. Too Good
15. Blue (ft. Alex Hope)
16. Wild (XXYYXX Remix)

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