De Rosa: Weem

January 22nd 2016 | Rock Action Records | Albums

Weem is De Rosa's third studio album. The band wrote and tracked the album's 11 songs in a rural cottage before returning to the studio to mix with esteemed producer Andy Miller (Mogwai, Life Without Buildings, Songs: Ohia). Looking to escape from their urban routine, De Rosa chose to record Weem in the isolation of the Scottish highlands. They have produced a confident and surprising album where dark synth pop meets pastoral folk rock. Henry’s vocals reveal a subtle but distinctly Scottish voice, exploring themes of community, ritual and emotional terrain. Through this rigorously independent approach De Rosa have journeyed into new terrain and emerged with some of their most immediate and important music to date.

De Rosa are a band from Glasgow, Scotland, formed in 2003. They are songwriter Martin John Henry (vocals, guitar), James Woodside (bass) and Neil Woodside (drums). They have released two studio albums - Mend (2006) and Prevention (2009) - on Glasgow's acclaimed Chemikal Underground Records. They have toured in support of Mogwai, Doves and Arab Strap and have collaborated with Under the Skin author Michel Faber on the Ballads of the Book album. 

When asked about the importance of place in his lyrics, founding member and song-writer artin Henry stated: "I guess in some small way I’m trying to give post-industrial Lanarkshire a place in culture.”

"The kind of parochial majesty you might encounter if The Pixies reworked The Go Betweens' ‘Before Hollywood’ for a documentary about the social history of Lanarkshire..."

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