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February 5th 2016 | Domino Recording Company | Albums

Photo: Paley Fairman

Porches, the recording project of New York-based Aaron Maine, is releasing his new album, Pool, on February 5th, 2016, via Domino. Written and recorded in his Manhattan apartment, Pool is an elegantly drawn set of gorgeous, synth-driven pop songs, expanding on and re-articulating the melancholy we’ve come to know from previous single releases on Terrible (2014’s Prism), Birdtapes (2013’s Townie Blunt Guts) and Seagreen (2014’s Leather), and a full length on Exploding in Sound (2013’s Slow Dance In The Cosmos).

Pool is Porches’ debut full-length for Domino and a major step forward for Maine — as an evolving singer/songwriter, and as a nascent producer. Written and recorded almost entirely in the Manhattan apartment he shares with his partner and collaborator, Greta Kline a.k.a Frankie Cosmos, and mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Tobias Jesso Jr) in Los Angeles, Pool was influenced, in part, by settling in the city as an artist and a person.

“I’m feeling like I’m in a more permanent situation than I’ve been in before,” he says. “There is something special about recording at home. It’s why it sounds the way it does. Being able to obsess over it on your own time and being in your own little cube knowing you’re surrounded by the city, being able to go so deep into it and to spend hours building it, loving it: all of that allowed me to reflect and focus on things a little closer.”


1. Underwater
2. Braid
3. Be Apart
4. Mood
5. Hour
6. Even The Shadow
7. Pool
8. Glow
9. Car
10. Shaver
11. Shape
12. Security

“…though the musical environment has changed, the core of Porches remains fully intact.
Maine's rich voice and striking narrative still capture genuine human emotion in just a
fistful of words."
– Pitchfork

"Porches' Aaron Maine is still in his twenties, but he's managed to fit the artistic evolution
of a lifetime into a few years."
– Stereogum

"Dark, ringing synths, coupled with the vocals of Maine and guest collaborator Frankie
Cosmos, evoke an eerie sense of bliss."
– Consequence of Sound

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