November 20th 2015 | Activision | Playstation 4 | Xbox One

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the original draft of Hamlet, third-wave ska. All treasures of human vision and artistry lost to the unfathomable reaches of time - but sometimes, life finds a way: Deadpool, the third-person action-shooter made by Activision Publishing, Inc, out on PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s the facts, straight from Deadpool's own mouth:

"Deadpool is a deluxe combo platter drizzled with guns, katanas, guns and katanas, explosives, pancakes, sassy one-liners, mutant powers (like my turbo healing factor), babes and baddies. 'Is there more, Deadpool?' Yeah, probably. 

"Now because I’m an incredibly honest and forthright fellow, let me just tell you: these new versions of Deadpool are not 100% perfect (of course they’re perfect. It’s Deadpool, dummy!) (No thing or person is perfect!). You see, in full-disclosure, somehow Wolverine is still in my video game. (See! I told you.) I just… ugh. But it does include all my original DLC, including two Challenge maps (“GRT Plaza” and “Inside the Tower”), as well as the form-fitting Uncanny X-Force and D-Pooly suits (I do loves me some form-fitting) for use in the never-ending thunderdome of carnage I call Infinite Mode."

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