Jo Bartlett’s Modulation Freaks: E.P.1

November 6th 2015 | Double Snazzy | EPs

I have always had a love of instrumentals. I've always had a couple per album. The Yellow Moon Band was an instrumental project," says Green Man founder Jo Bartlett. "I had just moved on from the Green Man Festival and had some time on my hands. A few months went by and I had written what I realised was an album’s worth of riffs on my acoustic guitar."

"For various reasons," Jo continues. "I couldn’t get The Yellow Moon Band together to record them. I gave Howard Monk (Billy Mahonie, The Clientele) a call, and he was up for drumming on them. I then asked Richard Handyside (guitar genius from the band Kodiak Island) if he was up for playing electric guitar on the tracks. He was. We recorded them in Bark studio, in East London. Through the desk that 10cc recorded ‘I’m Not In Love’ on. I was able to borrow Brian from Bark’s analogue synths. That was fun. I played some bass guitar too. That was also fun.
I mailed the tracks out to a few people to hear and the reaction has been amazing."

The result of these sessions are two instrumental EPs, the first of which - entitled "E.P.1" - is out now from Double Snazzy.

Here's the video for "Circle":


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