How to be a Tudor by Ruth Goodman

November 5th 2015 | Viking | Hardbacks

How to be a Tudor by Ruth Goodman is the first book about the Tudors that describes what everyday life was really like - from the bed you slept in to the feel of your clothes, the food you ate and even your sex life. We know about the historical dramas of Tudor times - the court of Henry VIII and the break from Rome. But what was life really like for a commoner like you or me?

Ruth Goodman has spent months at a time sleeping, eating and (sometimes not) washing like a Tudor. Learn how to say your prayers, plough the fields, starch a neck ruff and write courtly letters in true Tudor fashion. Without banks, discover that credit is dependent on your appearance and fashion is the realm of men. Because sheep are physically smaller and wool is more expensive, learn to mend your clothes - your most-prized possessions. Ruth has lived like a Tudor so you don't have to!

Ruth Goodman is a historian who specializes in the everyday life of the past. She has written and presented numerous acclaimed BBC television series and is a regular presenter on The One Show. She is the author of How to be a Victorian and has co-authored three other books, including the Number One Bestseller Victorian Farm. Ruth's practical knowledge and hands-on expertise is unrivalled. Historical advisor to the BBC's TV series Wolf Hall, she has also spent 10 years as historical advisor to The Globe Theatre.

‘If we ever have a female Doctor Who, I shall forward Ruth Goodman's name for consideration, not least because the historian has already done so much time travelling.’
- The Times

‘Ruth is the queen of living history, long may she reign!’
- Lucy Worsley

'Riveting. This is a real "people's history" that takes us straight into the sensate feelings of ordinary life -- the feel, touch, smells, and labour of people living five centuries ago, giving an earthy reality to our enduring fascination with the Tudors'
- Juliet Gardiner

'A deeply researched and endlessly fascinating account of what it was like to live as a Tudor.  The narrative is rich in period detail and based upon a thorough review of the contemporary sources, but what makes it unique is the fact that Goodman has put it all into practice - sleeping, eating, washing and dressing like a Tudor.  As a result, How To Be a Tudor is one of very few books which can justifiably claim to bring every aspect of this enduringly popular period dazzlingly to life.'
- Tracy Borman

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