James: Girl At The End Of The World

March 18th 2016 | BMG Recordings | Albums

James are one of the UK’s most creatively restless and loved artists. Known for their unique and diverse style over thirteen studio albums, they’re both critically acclaimed and commercially successful, having sold over 12 million albums worldwide. JAMES originally signed to the iconic Factory Records in 1982 and have since gone onto produce a string of massive hit singles, including "Sit Down", "Come Home", "She's A Star" and "Born of Frustration". Now, 32 years on, they have produced a record that the band considers their best ever.

Girl At The End Of The World sees the band team up with producer Max Dingel [The Killers, Muse, White Lies] with the legendary Brian Eno infusing his unique influence into the blend. Their new album is both anthemic and euphoric, with its shimmering electronica continuing the band's long connection to the dance floor. The band’s trademark songwriting and Tim Booth’s distinctive vocal and evocative lyrics prove once again to be among Britain’s finest.

“Bands talk about that difficult second album but it’s the trickster 14th one that’s the real Motherf****r,” says Tim Booth of the making of the new record. “As always with James it’s a collaborative process allowing ample room for improvisation, intuition, skill and dumb luck. From the outside our process looks like chaos but chaos is our friend and we have a history that gives us confidence that something magical will eventually appear. Most of my best lyrics are unconscious typos so don't ask me what it’s about; your projection is as good as mine. This was perhaps the most difficult and stressful album we have ever made. I hope you find it as rewarding as we do.”

Jim Glennie adds, “I can’t wait for us to get our hands on these songs in front of the best audience a band can have.”

Here's the video for "To My Surprise":


01           Bitch
02           To My Surprise
03           Nothing But Love
04           Attention
05           Dear John
06           Feet of Clay
07           Surfer's Song
08           Catapult
09           Move Down South
10           Alvin 
11           Waking
12           Girl At The End Of The World

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