Curve of the Earth by Mystery Jets

January 22nd 2016 | Caroline International | Albums

Recorded between summer 2013 & and summer 2015 in Stoke Newington in London, Curve of the Earth will be the fifth album from Mystery Jets, one of Britain’s best loved bands, and their first in over three years.  The album saw Mystery Jets relocate back to London and set up their own recording space in a disued button factory in east London, with Blaine Harrison embarking on isolated sessions in a cabin on the Thames Estuary.

Producing the record themselves, Harrison, Will Rees and drummer Kapil Trivedi plus latest recruit, bassist Jack Flanagan, found themselves rediscovering the gang mentality that had bound the band together at the start and, as a result, this is the band’s most personal and musically definitive record to date. 

Will Rees says: "For us, we’ve been through quite a lot in the last couple of years and there have been certain realistions that come with playing in a band that has been together for over two decades.  I think these songs have real feeling about them."

Watch the trailer for the album below:



1. Telomere
2. Bombay Blue
3. Bubblegum
4. Midnight’s Mirrior
5. 1985
6. Blood Red Balloon
7. Taken by The Tide
8. Saturine
9. The End Up


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