Heel: The Parts We Save

March 4th 2016 | Heel | Albums

London’s Heel are so much more than a band, they are an all round musical experience. The alt rock four piece are a serious force to be reckoned with; jam packed with raw energy, infection grooves and guitar work that will make you headbang before you even know you're doing it. Their debut album, 'The Parts We Save' will be released on March 4th 2016.

Heel comment: "This album is a paradox. It's the sum of different people and their different experiences but its utterly singular in its meaning. It's constructed from all the pieces of our past that we hide from the world as desperately as we show them. It was as torturous to make as it was euphoric. By making this album we lost something very important to us, but we couldn't be more happy about it."

Formed in the winter of 2011 from song writing sessions between Daniel (guitar) and singer Margarita, Heel completed their line-up with the addition of Yuta (bass) and Tom (drums). Heel immediately began working on their debut self-titled EP Produced by Justin Hill (Sikth), Heel’s debut is testament to the harmony created between performance, production and powerful song writing.

With the demand for Heel’s sound on the rise, the band returned to Justin Hill at Fortress Studios to begin work on their second EP. Building on the groove laden rawness of their debut but demonstrating an evolution in sound brought on by the effortless cohesion between band members. Titled ‘Stranger Just The Same’, this EP demonstrated Heel’s ability to fuse musicality, pop sensibility, with a straight edged rock.

'A great little EP from a band who could do very nicely for themselves - 8/10'
- Powerplay

'Heel are definitely on their way to achieving their goal, being appreciated just because they make good music'
- Hit The Floor

'We're gonna be keeping our eye on this quartet because their debut album looks set to
be very special- 8/10'
- Bring The Noise UK

Album Tracklisting
1. Any Apology
2. Selfish Burn
3. Yellow & Bliss
4. Nothing New
5. Shatter
6. Cool
7. Keep Running Back To Me
8. Live This Forever
9. Fake Love
10. Streets Full Of You

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