Rev Rev Rev: Des Fleurs Magiques Bourdonnaient

February 19th 2016 | Kinotone Records | Albums

Two years after the release of self-titled debut album, whose single 'Catching a Buzz / Blue on Red' was championed by the likes of Steve Lamacq, Rev Rev Rev give birth to their second LP, 'Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient', titled after a quote from Arthur Rimbaud's hallucinatory, dreamlike suite of prose poems “Illuminations”.

The album was recorded over the summer of 2015 at Wax Studio, Rome, engineered by Alessio Pindinelli (La casa al mare) and Fabio Galeone, and features tanpura layers by Tatiana Scalercio. The record will be released on CD and vinyl (including a hazy daze vinyl limited edition) via Kinotone Records.

From their debut the band have explored new sonic dimensions, experimenting with raga-style tanpura drones, DIY special stomp-boxes and brainwave entrainment modulations. These new elements, inserted into their wall-of-sound, result in a kaleidoscope of dreamy, liquid songs, still characterized by essential structure and catchy melodies. The album concept, condensed in the fascinating title's synesthesia, takes different forms in the 12 self-contained idylls, sharing a blurry gaze at the nature and allowing our subconscious streams to emerge through symbols and myth.

Here's a teaser for the album:

“The group's lacerating music fuses volume and technology with some hand-designed, DIY touches. Using home made stomp boxes and other percussive devices, Rev Rev Rev build their material up into unrelenting barrels of melodic electricity.”
- Clash, Sept 2014

“Like going to some ritual celebrated by magicians on some high speed / indecent psychedelic influences... an evening of thick fog with dynamic hypnotic dark mantras chants. Tribal melodies trapping you in a wall of sound until you drop ... exhausted, enchanted, bewitched! “ 
- Baby London Orbital, Oct 2014

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