A Girl At My Door

January 11th 2016 | Peccadillo Pictures | DVD | On Demand

In A Girl At My Door, Young-nam is an elite police officer and an academy honours graduate, but when her personal life causes professional problems she is demoted and transferred to a small village by the sea. She is deeply wounded and is becoming dependent on the liquor she secrets away in a water bottle to hide from prying eyes. But then on her first patrol she encounters the mysterious Dohee: a young girl excluded by her local community.

Fourteen-year-old Dohee lives in a tiny seaside village with no way out of her private misery. Her mother has run away from home, and the only guardians she has are her abusive stepfather and an alcoholic step-grandmother. On top of the violence she experiences at home, she is often bullied at school, and with no friends she spends her time with the likes of a frog in a dirty pond.

As Young-nam adapts to her new life, she witnesses Dohee’s situation and is compelled to protect the girl from her family by letting her move in.  Young-nam teaches Dohee that children should never be beaten and that violence is not just part of life. Young-nam’s kindness inspires a kind of obsession in Dohee. But when accusations of molestation are made, putting Young-nam’s career on the line, the timid Dohee makes a dangerous decision to save her only friend. 

Having premiered in Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film festival, A Girl At My Door is a fresh and rare gem, directed and written by July Jang, one of the few female filmmakers to have emerged from South Korea.

Extra Features include an Interview with Doona Bae, July Jung's short film A Dog Came Into My Flash and the Theatrical Trailer

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