Kiss of the Spider Woman

January 25th 2016 | Curzon Artificial Eye | Blu-Ray | DVD

In Kiss of the Spider Woman, a dreary prison cell is shared by two men who, in terms of lifestyle, could not be further apart. Molina (William Hurt) is a homosexual convicted for ‘obscene behaviour’, the other, Valentin (Raul Julia), is a revolutionary who has been continually tortured by the same totalitarian authorities.

As the minutes slowly pass, Molina invents a story based on the glamorous cinema of yesteryear - a Nazi propaganda film involving an unlikely love affair. At first, this extravagant display of personality doesn’t bode well for the cellmates’ relationship but as time and the story progresses a new kind of friendship begins to blossom.

Featuring an extraordinary Oscar® winning performance from William Hurt, Kiss of the Spider Woman has proven to be a truly timeless cinematic masterpiece.

Extras include: "Tangled Web: Making Kiss of the Spider Woman", the Theatrical trailer, the Manuel Puig Mini-Documentary "The Submissive Woman's Role", a Slide Show commentary entitled "Transition from Novel to Film" and a photo gallery of over 150 images.

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