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Robert Pattinson (The Rover, Maps To The Stars), Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast, Enders Game) and Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty) star in the true-life drama "Life", directed by Anton Corbijn (Control, A Most Wanted Man).

In 1955, fledgling photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) convinces the young and up-and-coming actor James Dean (DeHaan) to allow him to shoot him for an article in Life Magazine. Together the two take a trip from LA to Dean’s hometown of Fairmont, Indiana via New York so that Stock can capture Dean in all the environments that had affected and shaped his unique character.

While Stock thinks he’s capturing a star in the moment before his meteoric rise, it gradually becomes clear that he’s actually documenting Dean’s final moments of intimacy and simplicity weeks before his untimely death, creating the photos that will eventually turn him into an icon.

"Life" is an incredible take on the true story of the final weeks of the actor who lived just long enough to change the culture of a generation - and the effect on the man who documented him.

Here's the trailer:

The DVD and Blu-ray include interviews with Robert Pattinson (Dennis Stock), Dane Dehaan (James Dean), Joel Edgerton (John Morris), Anton Corbijn (Director), Luke Davies (Screenwriter), Iain Canning (Producer), Christina Piovesan (Producer), and Rodney Stock Dennis Stock’s real life son).

Life will be available on DVD,  Blu-ray and On-Demand from 1st February 2016

“Pattinson has never been better”
- The Sun

“An incredibly beautiful, elegant piece of filmmaking”
- Esquire

“A masterpiece”
- The Huffington Post

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