Fixed Bayonets!

February 15th 2016 | Eureka Entertainment | Blu-Ray | DVD

Fixed Bayonets!, Samuel Fuller’s startlingly realistic and harrowing depiction of the Korean War, joins Eureka Entertainment's The Masters of Cinema Series on 15th Feb 2016. 

Iconoclastic American director Samuel Fuller’s first production for a major studio was this tense, snowbound Korean War drama. A small platoon of army grunts are ordered to stay behind to protect a 15,000-man division as it moves out under heavy enemy fire. One corporal, whom the platoon has mistakenly come to believe is a hero, is left with the responsibility of protecting the men - a decision that may cost them dearly amidst escalating and unpredictable circumstances. 

One of Hollywood’s most impassioned and unvarnished war films, bursting with first-hand detail from Fuller’s own experiences of soldier life in World War Two, and rendered unforgettably with his inimitably vivid filmmaking style, Fixed Bayonets! features Richard Basehart (La Strada), Fuller regular Gene Evans (Park Row, Shock Corridor) and an early appearance by James Dean.

Special features include:
- New 4k restoration by Twentieth Century Fox
- Uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
- Audio commentary by film scholar Adrian Martin
- Original theatrical trailer
- Gallery of production and publicity photos
- Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

“Fuller’s is the most savage vision in all cinema”
– The Independent

“One of the greatest war films ever… evokes the full horror of war”
– Chicago Reader

“rough, tough, hard-hitting and action-packed”
– Variety

“a war drama of enormous emotional proportion”
– Los Angeles Examiner

“Anyone who is a fan of war movies should make an effort to see it”
– Eye For Film

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