Rocco And His Brothers

March 14th 2016 | Eureka Entertainment | Blu-Ray

Savagery and sacrifice, love and lust are portrayed with a rare realism and frankness that you will never forget in Visconti’s melodramatic 1960 masterpiece, Rocco and his Brothers. From the master director of such classics as La terra trema, Bellissima, and The Leopard comes this epic study of family, sex, and betrayal. Alongside Fellini’s La dolce vita and Antonioni’s L’avventura, Visconti’s Rocco and His Brothers ushered Italian cinema into a new era, one unafraid to confront head-on the hypocrisies of the ruling class, the squalor in urban living, and the collision between generations.

When a tight-knit family moves from Italy’s rural south to metropolitan Milan, the new possibilities - and threats - present in their fresh surroundings have alarming, unforeseen consequences. Operatically weaving the five brothers’ stories across a vast canvas, with an extraordinary cast including Alain Delon, Annie Girardot and Claudia Cardinale, Rocco and His Brothers stands as one of the most majestic and influential works of its era.

Here's the trailer:

Special features:

Gorgeous high-definition 1080p presentation from a new 4k restoration
- Optional English subtitles
- Two audio choices; the original Italian, and the French dub
- Les coulisses du tournage, a 2003 French documentary about the film
- A 1999 interview with Visconti’s cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno
- An interview with actress Claudia Cardinale
- A 2002 interview with actress Annie Girardot
- Luchino Visconti, an hour-long documentary about the life and work of Visconti
- Two vintage newsreels
- Original Italian trailer
- A 40-page booklet featuring writing by Guido Aristarco, an essay written by the director in 1960, a vintage interview with Visconti and rare archival imagery.

“Raw, energetic masterpiece bristling with well-measured tension”
– Empire

“Neo-realism at its grittiest vies with grandstanding melodrama… backed by Nini Rota’s heartfelt score”
– Total Film

“Luchino Visconti was a man of many tempers, styles and beliefs, and you can see them all, fighting for space, on the epic canvas of his masterpiece”
- Roger Ebert

“A disturbing, despairing epic of the soul”
- Los Angeles Times

“Luchino Visconti’s masterpiece can be experienced once again in all its fearsome beauty and power”
– Martin Scorsese

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