The Temperance Movement: White Bear

January 15th 2016 | Earache Records | Albums

Putting a modern stamp on hard rock and blues, The Temperance Movement have crafted one of the most intoxicating records of recent times with the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to their 2013 self-titled debut - White Bear: an album that is both expansive and electrifying.

Opening with the swaggering ‘Three Bulleits’ (titled after the Bulleit brand of bourbon favoured by some of the band), White Bear runs the whole gamut of modern rock’n’roll. From the classic Faces/Crowes R&B stylings of ‘Get Yourself Free’ – which comes complete with a raw soul vocal from Campbell and Crosby, Stills & Nash-style harmonies from the band – to the explosive pace of the adrenaline-fuelled ‘Modern Massacre’, White Bear is a masterclass in songwriting from a band at the peak of their powers.

‘A Pleasant Peace I Feel’ delivers one of the most euphoric choruses you’ll hear in the whole of 2016, while ‘White Bear’ itself moves between tender moments and passionate fire, featuring blast-furnace guitars and Campbell’s powerhouse vocals. Finally, rounding off the album is ‘I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind’, a stoned-soul ballad that demonstrates the finesse that lies beneath the band’s signature power.

Guitarist Paul Sayer confides, "White Bear is a real step on for us sonically and artistically.  Playing so many shows together over the last three years allowed us to develop a really clear idea of where we wanted to go with our next record.  When it came to making this album we had a bit more time and space to let our creativity go, and I'm incredibly proud of what we achieved."



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