Milk Teeth: Vile Child

January 29th 2016 | Hopeless Records | Albums

Photo: Martyna Wisniewska

After two years of consistent touring and two blistering EPs, today Milk Teeth's hotly-anticipated debut LP Vile Child is out on 29th January on Hopeless Records.  During breaks between tours the band started putting together the skeleton of their Vile Child, arming themselves to the hilt with songs characterised by their frenetic energy, battering percussion and lyrics to escape small towns to.

Of the new material, bassist and vocalist Becky Blomfield explains "with Vile Child we didn't set out with any grand idea we just wanted to make something that crossed over - this record encompasses everything we do well as a band".

To bring these songs to life the band spent this past summer holed themselves in the familiar surroundings of The Ranch Production House in the New Forest, the place which birthed breakthrough EP Sad Sack, to again work with producer Neil Kennedy (Creeper and More Than Life). The result of these sessions is Vile Child a twelve-track bombast of a record, filled to the brim with youthful abandon, impossible to fake, though never naive. As guitarist and co-vocalist Josh Bannister states "Vile Child is a culmination of all the things we have learnt from being in this band over the last two years all the experiences we have had personally and as a group all in one place".

With the release of Vile Child and countless tours it doesn't look like Milk Teeth will be getting much rest next year either. And that's how they like it.

Track listing:

1. Brickwork
2. Driveway Birthday
3. Burger Drop
4. Brain Food
5. Swear Jar (again)
6. Get a Clue
7. Moon Wanderer
8. Kabuki
9. Crows Feet
10. Leona
11. Cut You Up
12. Sunbaby

"Milk Teeth are one of the best British bands we know"
- Noisey

"Recalling all that's good about 90s alt-rock"

"The bar for new British bands in 2015 just got a whole lot grungier"
- Kerrang!

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