Goat Simulator: The Bundle

March 4th 2016 | Koch Media | Xbox One

Goat ready for the latest advancements in Goat Simulation technology in the biggest Goat Simulator experience yet... In collaboration with Coffee Stain Studio and Double Eleven, Goat Simulator: The Bundle contains the original Goat Simulator experience, as well as both DLC  add-ons!

Gameplay-wise, Goat Simulator is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can - as a goat. Think of it like an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater,  you’re a goat. And instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff... as a goat!

Players can embark on an adventure within a simulated goat MMO world, playing as up to 5 different classes in the "MMO Simulator" add-on; or survive a zombie apocalypse, crafting items and exploring a new zombie map in the "GoatZ" add-on! That's not a baaaaaaad deal...

Game Features:

- Includes Goat Simulator and its 2 DLC add-ons, "GoatZ" and "MMO simulator". 

- Destroy and wreck stuff as much as possible in style! Do a backflip while head-butting a bucket through a window to earn ultimate goat points

- Embark on an adventure in a simulated goat MMO world! Play as 5 different classes, complete dozens of quests and level up 101 times!

- Survive in a simulated zombie apocalypse! Craft items, explore a new zombie map and  unlock super powered goats!

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