Holy Esque: At Hope's Ravine

March 4th 2016 | Beyond The Frequency | Albums

Glasgow’s Holy Esque's long-awaited debut album, At Hope's Ravine is a primal, muscular, and utterly elemental work; a true epic in an era when such an epithet is overused. Here, bold is beautiful and Holy Esque’s messages of hope and grief, escape and yearning, are writ large across sonic skies.

“These are songs about belonging, fear, love, self-doubt, dreams, religion, release, darkness versus light and escape – especially escape,” says singer Pat Hynes.

Holy Esque’s music is comprised of tones and textures; peaks and troughs; brush strokes and breaking waves of sound. Chiming guitars interweave with emotive synth embellishments, and all shot through with Pat Hynes’ inimitable vocals, delivered from a dark place somewhere deep within his very centre.

Here's the video for recent single Hexx:

At Hope's Ravine follows a clutch of exceptionally well received EPs, which saw the band play all over the world as an unsigned band. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Jon Schumann (Mew, Kashmir) the album was recorded in a variety of locations and countries and is a bold statement of Holy Esque’s life to date.

“ … Glasgow’s most exciting and inventive new band …”

“ … Their singer’s gravel-throated delivery is extraordinary; a fine new Glasgow band …”
- Sunda Times

“ … Destined for greatness …”
- The Skinny

“ … Scotland’s most exciting rock band …”
- Daily Record

“ … Partly epic, partly industrial and wholly inspiring …”
- Clash

“ … Scorching enough to set an entire mountain range aflame …”
- Q Magazine

“ … There’s a dark magic about their sound; the rasping, quivering vocals call to mind Clap Your Hands Say Yeah; the squalls of guitar elicit comparisons with Joy Division and Glasvegas …”
- The Guardian

“ … Tremulous vocals, a propulsive beat and shimmering, urgent guitars makes for gripping listening …”
- The Indepedent 

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