Criminal Activities

March 7th 2016 | RLJ Entertainment | DVD

In Criminal Activities, action heavyweight John Travolta (Pulp fiction, From Paris With Love) gets in way over his head with Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire, Hannibal) and Dan Stevens (A Walk Amongst The Tombstones, Downtown Abbey) in a story of big investments gone wrong, ruthless gangs, kidnapping, and a life threatening hunt for vengeance.

When four friends make a life changing investment that goes awry, they trace their problems back to a notorious crime boss who wants their heads. With a plan to kidnap a rival gangsters nephew, the friends might just be able to erase their menacing debts -- if they don’t throttle each other first...

Jackie Earle Haley makes his directorial debut with Criminal Activities, and stars in his tightly paced crime thriller. With it’s dark sense of humour and unapologetic violence, Criminal Activities is easily compared to the likes of Pulp Fiction -­‐ but stops short of being mere imitation, offering viewers cleverly developed surprises and twists, expertly delivered by Travolta and cast.

“The script veers from comic, narrated episodes to surprising violence, planting early narrative seeds that yield some effective surprises later, a dynamic range that’s pretty comfortable to old hand Travolta.”
– LA Weekly

Title: Criminal Activities

‘It’s a twisty, kinetic and satisfying thriller with a didn’t-see-that-coming climax.’
- Fort Worth Star Telegram

‘It’s a film full of machismo, absurdist dialogue and hints of humor”
- New York Times

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