Just Living by Ruth Valerio

March 10th 2016 | Hodder & Stoughton | Paperbacks

How can Christians live well in a globalised, consumerist society? Globalisation and consumerism affect every area of our lives. But it's not just about shopping; these powerful forces shape our personal lives, how we relate to one another, how we view the world - and they are having a seriously detrimental impact both on the lives of the global poor, and on the health of the planet itself. 

Every Christian in every generation down through the history of the church has had to work out what it means to be a follower of Jesus in their particular culture; Christians in the twenty-first century must think about discipleship in a globalised, consumerist context. In Just Living, environmentalist and theologian Ruth Valerio examines these issues in a book that is intellectually rigorous yet practical, and as inspiring as it is challenging.

Ruth Valerio is a community activist, Christian, academic, eco-warrior, mum, author, veg grower, wife and pig keeper rolled into one. She is Churches and Theology Director for A Rocha UK and a Director of Cred Jewellery, the world's first fair-trade jewellery company. She has written extensively on justice, environment and lifestyle issues for magazines such as Christianity and Third Way, and has published a bestselling book on sustainable living, L is for Lifestyle.

‘For too long Christians have used our faith as a ticket into heaven and a license to ignore the world around us. So Ruth's book helps us discover a Christianity that is fully engaged. Just Living is not just about how we think. It is just about how we live. So often our problem has not been right thinking but right living, and thanks to Ruth Valerio we have a new resource to help us live more better, more just, more beautiful lives.’
- Shane Claiborne, author and activist

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