Mother & Baby: Baby Milestones

March 10th 2016 | Hamlyn | Paperbacks

From the time you start trying to conceive to the moment you hold your little bundle of joy for the first time, you can be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of advice. Mother & Baby, the UK’s number one Pregnancy and Parenting magazine, have spent 60 years navigating women through pregnancy and early motherhood ensuring that their expertise is second to none.

With Baby Milestones you can feel at ease knowing you have the expertise of Mother & Baby magazine behind you, plus contributions from a wide range of experts - including a GP, a nutritionist, a baby sleep expert and a child development and parenting expert. Baby Milestones covers everything you need to know about your baby’s crucial first year: from how to help boost development – both physically as well as through play and communication, bonding tips for both you and your partner, and tips to maintain your own wellbeing as well as your baby’s.

The practical and insightful expert advice in Baby Milestones will help you look after your mind and body now you’re a mum – so while your real world support network will be there for you, this book will also be on hand to help with your emotions and health in your first year.

Topics Include:
• Bonding with your baby
• Getting to grips with feeding
• Mama Zone: Using your support network
• Baby massage
• Out and about with a crying baby
• Choosing childcare
• Teething begins
• Travelling with your baby
• Introducing solid foods
• Mama Zone: How to manage competitive mummy friends
• Establishing good eating habits
• Dealing with bumps and scrapes
• Mama Zone: How to get your sexy back

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