Mother & Baby: Pregnancy Milestones

March 10th 2016 | Hamlyn | Paperbacks

Pregnancy is such an exciting and life-changing experience - but it can also be quite scary and overwhelming. With 60 years of experience in guiding women through pregnancy, the expertise of the team at Mother & Baby is second to none. Pregnancy Milestones covers everything you need to know about pre-conception, pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy Milestones lets you know what to expect from every week of your pregnancy, ensures you are armed with information about what is happening to and inside your body and prepares you for birth. Mother & Baby have pulled together the best experts in their fields, from a GP and midwife to a nutrition consultant and clinical psychologist, to provide unparalleled, reliable guidance and information.

Overflowing with up-to-the-minute medical advice, helpful hints and invaluable tips, Pregnancy Milestones is the only resource you need to navigate your pregnancy with confidence. The book will take you through your pregnancy, covering all three trimesters on a week-by-week and month-by-month basis.

Chapters Include:
• Are you Ready for a Baby?
• Your pre-conception Diet and Lifestyle
• Understanding Conception
• First Trimester
• Side Effects and Symptoms of Pregnancy
• Second Trimester
• Diet and Lifestyle in Pregnancy
• Third Trimester
• Preparing for Birth
• The Signs of Labour
• Pain Relief
• Stages of Labour
• Birth Outcomes and Interventions
• After the Birth

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