The Beat That My Heart Skipped

March 14th 2016 | Curzon Artificial Eye | Blu-Ray

In Jaques Audiard’s triumphant noir The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Tom is an aspiring musician who plays seedy bars in the backstreets of Paris. The one thing tearing him away from his music is the example set by his father – a sleazy life of crime which Tom seems set to follow.

But when, by chance, he meets a friend of his concert pianist mother’s, his musical ambitions are rekindled and he strives to make a better life for himself. From the director of the Palme d’Or winning Dheepan, The Beat That My Heart Skipped features an electrifying performance by Romain Duris and won the 2006 BAFTA for Film Not in the English Language. 

Bonus Features include interviews with the Director, Co-writer and Composer, a Q&A with Romain Duris, Tonio Benaquista and Linh-Dan Phan, Rehearsal Footage, Romain Duris Singing, Deleted Scenes and the Trailer.

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