Senran Kagura Estival Versus

March 18th 2016 | Marvelous Europe | Playstation 4 | Playstation Vita

Senran Kagura Estival Versus transports the sexy Shinobis to a parallel dimension, where sun-soaked islands are the perfect backdrop for the girls to do battle once more. Featuring the biggest roster of fighters to date, the game is overflowing with explosive ninja moves, outrageous clothes-clearing combos and a scintillating storyline.

All previous characters return, with new moves and upgraded skills along with a host of new characters further expanding the roster with new challenges and techniques to master plus online multiplayer matches, allowing up to 10 players to battle it out at once.

Marvelous Europe will also be releasing a selection of Physical Limited Editions exclusively available at The ‘Kagura Millennium Festival Edition’ features a 2-CD soundtrack and artbook, while the ‘Bahonkas Edition’ adds an exclusive supersized, double-sided Dakimakura hugging pillowcase.  For the most dedicated Kagura Collectors only, the ultra-limited ‘Surprise Shinobi Slippery Splash-n-Spray Sports Special’ adds all previous items, plus two different sets of five Senran Kagura figurines (Gessen and New Hebijo).


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