A Kiss Before Dying

March 21st 2016 | Simply Media | DVD

Seeking wealth and status, university student Jonathan Corliss (Matt Dillon - There’s  Something About Mary) doesn’t let anyone get in his way on his quest for the high life in the thrilling 1991 film noir A Kiss Before Dying, which comes to DVD for the first time in the UK.

After seducing the gullible Dorothy Carlsson (Sean Young - Blade Runner), Jonathan appears to have the perfect in-road to the inheritance of her father – local copper refinery owner Thor Carlsson (Max von Sydow - Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

After realising Dorothy’s accidental pregnancy will jeopardise relations with her ultra-rich family, Jonathan murders her and pursues the next option to get his hands on the Carlsson fortune – Dorothy’s twin sister Ellen (Sean Young), who has promised to prove her sister’s death  was not a suicide, or to die trying.

‘Dillon makes for a thoroughly charming psychopath’
- Radio Times

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