The Good Dinosaur

March 21st 2016 | Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment | Blu-Ray | DVD

Join Arlo and Spot in Disney•Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur on an epic adventure, millions of years in the making. This journey of two unlikely heroes is one of ultimate friendship, as a dinosaur and a feral boy learn the power of confronting their fears and, together, discover who they are truly meant to be.

The Good Dinosaur sees feral boy Arlo catapulted into a vast wilderness, where he struggles to face his fears and survive, all while dealing with the tragic loss of his father. Along the way, Arlo encounters a host of unique personalities who all contribute to his evolution—whether they mean to or not.

But the friendship he builds with a dinosaur named Spot has the biggest impact. Spot can’t speak, yet he gives Arlo the kind of loyalty and unconditional love that fuels his self-discovery. The unlikely friends embark on an eventful journey through stunning but often unforgiving environments in an effort to get Arlo home...

Directed by Pete Sohn, The Good Dinosaur showcases an extraordinary roster of voice talent, including Jeffrey Wright ("The Hunger Games: Mockingjay"), Frances McDormand ("Olive Kitteridge," "Fargo"), Anna Paquin (HBO’s “True Blood”) and Sam Elliott (FX's "Justified," "I’ll See You In My Dreams," “Grandma”).

Bonus Content:

All formats: 

- Academy Award nominated short "Sanjay’s Super Team"

DVD & Blu-ray:

- Audio Commentary with the director Peter Sohn and various members of the crew

Blu-ray & iTunes only:

- True Lies About Dinosaurs 
- Recyclosaurus 
- The Filmmakers’ Journey
- Every Part Of The Dinosaur 
- Following The T-Rex Trail 
- Deleted Scenes [with Intros and Outros] 
- Dino Bites 
- The Good Dinosaur Trailers 
- Hide And Seek 

“Pixar's most beautiful film” 
– Wired

“Epic. Beautiful animation with a Jurassic heart”
– Metro

“Spectacular animation, endearing character and an emotionally rich story”
– The Mirror


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