April 11th 2016 | Metrodome | DVD

Based on the bestselling novel by Ewan Morrison, Swung is a seductive, frank and revealing exploration of the secret underside of a very modern relationship. David’s (Owen McDonnell - "Saving The Titanic") life is on the slide: he’s in the middle of a divorce and has seen his business go bust.  Positive and supportive, his girlfriend Alice (Elena Anaya - "The Skin I Live In", "Sex and Lucia") is his rock, but she’s under pressure to find a good, compelling story for the magazine she writes for.

When she discovers that David has been logging onto swinging websites, Alice is justifiably shocked until she realises an exposé of the local swinging scene could be just the ‘story’ she needs and, much to David’s surprise, her editor urges her to pursue it. Following a comically nervous and awkward initiation, under the guidance of sexual free spirit Dolly (Elizabeth McGovern - "Downton Abbey", "Once Upon A Time In America") events accelerate beyond David and Alice’s control and the once adoring couple become lost, raising fundamental questions of their relationship.  

In darkness, touched by many others, they will have to find themselves or lose each other forever...

‘Playful and Sexy’
- The Skinny

‘Sexy, Smart and Stylish’
- Film Juice


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