Higher Authorities: Nepture

April 20th 2016 | Domino Recording Company | Albums

Photo: Dot Blackburn

Shadowy, psychedelic adventurers, Higher Authorities debut album, Neptune is a collection of warped psychedelic dub and electronic explorations. The release date – 4/20, a day of huge significance in cannabis culture – is no coincidence. Neptune is proper head music, an old-fashioned headphones album where the devil is in the lo-fi details.

Produced by the Higher Authorities, the album was augmented by legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood, who brought his mad box of sound effects to proceedings. For Higher Authorities, visual identity is important. There is symbolism at work here,  the pineapples on the album artwork possibly refer to Liverpool's wealthy merchant's houses who had pineapples on the gateposts. One of the pineapples is smoking, it all ties in.


1. Another time, Another place
2. Twilight (in luminous lodge)
3. Colour
4. ...and why not?
5. The Clone
6. If
7. Monocle Man
8. Abracadabra
9. Decades
10. Neptune

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