Doctor Who: Absolute Power

January 31st 2017 | Big Finish Productions | Audiobooks

Doctor Who: Absolute Power is a new audio adventure in space and time from Big Finish Productions for the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and his companion, Mrs Constance Clark (Miranda Raison).

Two thousand years ago, all civilisation on the planet Teymah was wiped out in an AELE – an Anomalous Extinction Level Event. Now, the galactic entrepreneur Lyam Yce hopes, at last, to learn the reason why the ancient Teymahrians went extinct – by funding a huge archaeological dig.

While the Doctor probes a strange sphere found by Yce's diggers, his companion, former Bletchley Park cryptographer Constance Clarke, agrees to help translate symbols written in the lost ancient language of the Teymahrians. And soon, they'll learn that ancient Teymah's secrets were best left buried deep beneath its shifting sands...

Directed by Jamie Anderson (son of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson), Doctor Who: Absolute Power also stars starring Paul Reynolds, Jenny Bede, Arian Nik, Neil Edmond, Gary Martin and Esther Hall.

DOCTOR WHO: Absolute Power will be available to buy exclusively from Big Finish until January 31st 2017, after which date it will be available from and other leading audiobook retailers.

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