A Man For All Seasons

February 20th 2017 | Eureka Entertainment | Blu-Ray | DVD

Ranked as one of the finest British films of all time, winning six Academy Awards, director Fred Zinnemann’s ("High Noon", "From Here to Eternity", "Day of the Jackal"), A Man for All Seasons was lavished with awards and critical praise upon release for its opulent mise en scène and the incredible performances from its cast. 

Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield), England’s Roman Catholic Chancellor, is forced into a difficult position when corrupt King Henry VIII (Robert Shaw - "Jaws", "From Russia with Love") demands his approval to divorce his wife and marry his mistress. Torn between his conscience and duty to the crown, Sir Thomas chooses to say nothing, sparking the rage of the king. What unfolds is a battle of wills packed with palace intrigue, political brinkmanship and the fate of man, church and country. In the end, his silence spoke loudest of all.

Written for the screen (adapted from his own play of the same name) by esteemed playwright and screenwriter Robert Bolt ("Lawrence of Arabia", "Doctor Zhivago"), A Man For All Seasons also features a legendary cast that includes Orson Welles, Leo McKern, John Hurt, Susannah York and Nigel Davenport amongst others.

 Here's the original trailer:

“Producer-director Fred Zinnemann has blended all filmmaking elements into an excellent, handsome and stirring
film version of A Man for All Seasons”
– Variety

"One of the most intelligent religious movies ever made”
- Time Magazine

"Prestigious, well turned out piece of British historical drama with enough genuine intrigue and wit to persuade
some audiences they aren't watching a history lesson”
- Kim Newman, Empire

"It's Scofield's picture -- his is an inspired performance of virtue with a dash of vanity”
- Radio Times

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