Recipes from My Mother By Rachel Allen

February 23rd 2017 | HarperCollins | Hardbacks

Photo: © Maja Smend

Delicious recipes filled with memories, bestselling author Rachel Allen shares her culinary inspiration passed down through the generations in Recipes from My Mother, a stunning fusion of recipes from her Icelandic mother and her childhood in Ireland.

Rachel’s food is heart-warming, and full of warmth and nostalgia. She uses gorgeous ingredients that are used in abundance to create comforting, vibrant meals. Her love of food started when she was very young, sitting in the kitchen with her mother, helping and tasting. Her mother taught her their Scandi family recipes, as well as those she picked up from living in Ireland. Rachel become more and more passionate about food as she grew up, and she drew inspiration from her childhood memories of helping her mother cook and sitting round with her family enjoying delicious meals and treats. Here she celebrates the food memories of her childhood, alongside those of friends and other members of her family.

Packed with much-loved recipes and stunning photography, this is the book that will take you back to your childhood and make you fall back in love with cooking.

Rachel Allen is the author of 11 bestselling cookbooks, including "Coast", "Rachel Allen’s Everyday Kitchen" and "All Things Sweet". Rachel was brought up in Dublin and at the age of eighteen left to study at the prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School. Today, she not only teaches at the school, she also writes regular features for national publications, presents highly acclaimed television programmes. She is the winner of the 2012 Irish Book Award for Best NonFiction for Easy Meals.

Praise for Rachel Allen:
‘A natural chef: relaxed, articulate and knowledgeable.’
- Sunday Times

‘If you haven’t heard of Rachel Allen, you will soon. Ireland’s blond and beautiful equivalent of Nigella Lawson… is taking her place on the international culinary scene with her everyday food that focuses on simple suppers and divine puddings.’
- Daily Mail

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