The Louise Parker Method: Lean For Life - The Cookbook by Louise Parker

December 26th 2016 | Mitchell Beazley | Hardbacks

The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life – The Cookbook is written by the founder of the eponymous company, Louise Parker. Known for her body and lifestyle transformations, Louise’s approach has made her method the mecca for worldwide clients demanding the most intelligent, focused and practical solution to permanent weight loss and habit change. Her method is the best kept secret of A-list celebrities, global CEOs, entrepreneurs and royalty, for the quickest, most do-able approach to lasting success.

In her first book, "The Louise Parker Method: Lean For Life", Louise introduced us to the Method – it is a lifestyle, a habit, an attitude and not a diet. It’s a style of living that perfectly blends Eating Beautifully, Working Out Intelligently, Thinking Successfully (embracing a positive mindset) and Living Well (making simple lifestyle changes).
It’s a real life solution to permanent weight loss and optimum health, which allows all the pleasures of life in moderation.

In The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life – The Cookbook, Louise shares many more recipes that she hopes will become part of your family repertoire and give you the ideas and inspiration to help you Eat Beautifully... and utterly enjoy your Lean for Life lifestyle. This cookbook not only contains more than 120 fuss-free recipes; it arms you with the knowledge to create hundreds of variations so you will never get bored. Each meal and snack is precisely balanced
with protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to keep you in the optimal fat-burning zone and avoid the dangers of being ‘organically overweight’.

Recipes include – for breakfast: Smoked Bacon Rolls with Easy Tomato Chutney, and Salmon Tartine with Lemon Cream Cheese & Caperberries. Snacks include Oatcake Banana Oreo Bites, and salads including Winter Roast Salad. Mains include delicious dishes such as Whole Roasted Sea Bass with Olives & Lemons, and Milly’s Appley Turkey Meatballs. Follow these with some delicious desserts, including Grilled Pineapple with Vanilla Ricotta, or Mango and Pistachio Frozen Yoghurts, all washed down with thirst-quenching drinks including Blood Orange Smoothie or Strawberry Limeade.

Louise is on a mission to end trend dieting. She believes that dieting is deprivation, tediously boring and doesn’t work. For some, eating in balance is intuitive. But for millions of us, we unlearn good habits by the time we first ‘diet’, or never learn them in the first place. We haven’t ‘failed’ all the diets we’ve tried in the past; it’s the diets that have failed us. Louise’s method shows you how to manage your lifestyle in a non-preachy, yet empathetic way.

The Louise Parker Method is the lifestyle that gets you the body you want and sustains you there, in optimum health and brimming with vitality. Your body will transform into one that is exceptionally lean, sculpted, strong and graceful. And because you’ve changed the habits of your lifestyle, the results stick and will last a lifetime. It needn’t be hard – it’s just not meant to be hard. And if it is, you’ll learn to adjust it.


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