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Jamal's Journey by Michael Foreman

February 2nd 2017 | Andersen Press | Hardbacks

Jamal's Journey by Michael Foreman is a beautifully illustrated tale celebrating the power of friendship and the excitement of adventure, inspired by Michael’s visit to the Dubai Book Festival.

Jamal is a little camel so he must walk, walk, walk through the desert. One day he becomes separated from his friend, the boy, but a wise falcon helps to reunite them. They go on to explore the city and its exciting sights and sounds.

Winning the Kate Greenaway Medal twice, Michael Foreman is one of Britain’s best-known and internationally acclaimed creators of children’s books, and has been illustrating for over 50 years. In 2016, his work was celebrated in a year-long exhibition at the Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Book and will be touring in 2017.

‘Michael Foreman deserves all the applause he gets’
- The Independent 

‘One can never get enough of Michael Foreman’s books’
- The School Librarian 

‘The social commentary in Foreman’s works can not be underestimated’
- Librarymice

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