The Shadow Doctor by Adrian Plass

February 9th 2017 | Hodder & Stoughton | Hardbacks

In The Shadow Doctor, Adrian Plass - bestselling author of the Sacred Diary series - explores what might happen if you could book an appointment with a doctor who could help you with your deepest spiritual wounds, not just a headache.

The Shadow Doctor isn't your usual kind of doctor. Sure, you can bring him your problems - but the chances are his solutions will blow your mind. This man can see into your soul, and the cures he prescribes don't come from the pharmacy. If you have fears you just cannot face, wounds you can't even bear to remember - if you've been abused, ignored, damaged by all life throws at you - the Shadow Doctor is here to help.

But the Shadow Doctor has shades of his own, and the work of helping others may be the only thing keeping him afloat. Can he stay ahead of the demons that torment him long enough to help those who need him?

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