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October 30th 2015 | Bellissima Records | Albums

From the Deep's haunting self-titled debut album journeys through the sparse, esoteric landscape of "The Lovers" through the lush and sensual "Siren Song", the filthy arabesque romp that is "Red Hot Lust", the Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra classic duet, "Summer Wine", the a cappella plaintiveness of "Inky Black Water", the easy, Appalachian swing of "Shepherd's Song", the timeless slinkiness of "Where Blue Shadows Grow", through the bittersweet dirge of "Three Ravens", culminating in the supernatural eroticism of the folk poem "Thomas the Rhymer".

The was written and recorded over several years by musical and life partners Katharine Blake (Miranda Sex Garden, Mediaeval Baebes) and Nick Marsh (Flesh for Lulu, The Urban Voodoo Machine) and produced by Katharine. It features performances from several artists who will be well known to fans of Katharine’s and Nick’s previous work and spans a variety of musical styles.

From the Deep was completed before the tragic death of Nick Marsh on 5th June 2015. Rather than a swan song, it should be seen as a celebration of the life and music that Katharine and Nick created together. In their own words: "The marriage of Katharine's classically Gothic sensibility and Nick's majestic realm of dirty exotica, scales the dizzy heights of the impossibly romantic, and plumbs the depths of Bacchanalian depravity. Join them!"

Having previously worked together on each other's solo albums, the couple (in music and life) embarked upon writing and recording these musical exchanges. Forged in love's fiery furnace, the creative process has been a passionate and tempestuous one, so much so that during one deliriously abandoned late night recording session the police turned up on the doorstep… The nature of the incident was reported as an argument over "musical differences".

From the Deep started life simply as The Katharine Blake and Nick Marsh Project with several live performances, including ones at their own Club Bellissima nights, various London dates and even one in Athens, Greece. From the Deep encapsulates a precious moment in time, yet the themes and music are timeless. In Katharine’s and Nick’s own words: "The marriage of Katharine's classically Gothic sensibility and Nick's majestic realm of dirty exotica, scales the dizzy heights of the impossibly romantic, and plumbs the depths of Bacchanalian depravity.” 

Here's the new video for "Inky Black Water":


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