The First Men on the Moon

April 30th 2017 | Big Finish | Audiobooks

In The First Men in the Moon, Mr Bedford has an extraordinary tale to tell. A tale of discovery and adventure, of bravery and sacrifice, and of strange creatures beyond our world.

His story begins with a chance meeting in the English countryside. Professor Cornelius Cavor is a scientist, a visionary, and a dreamer – but in Mr Bedford, he finds the practical partner who can help him realise his ambition. The two are thrown together on an impossible journey, and together, Cavor and Bedford are destined to become… The First Men in the Moon. The First Men in the Moon is the second of six full-cast adaptations in 2017 of the works of British Sci-Fi writer extraordinaire Herbert George Wells.

The First Men in the Moon stars Nigel Planer as Professor Cavor, with Gethin Anthony as Bedford, Chloe Pirrie as Maria Bell, and David Horovitch as The Grand Lunar.

The First Men in the Moon will be available to buy exclusively from Big Finish until April 30th 2017, after which date it will be available from and other leading audiobook retailers.

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