Leon: Fast and Free

January 12th 2017 | Octopus Books | Hardbacks

Naturally Fast Food brand Leon have created a free-from cookbook for people  who really like food. Every recipe in Leon: Fast and Free is completely gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free.

From banana pancakes to spaghetti vongole, fried chicken to sticky toffee pudding, the recipes prove that a free from menu doesn’t need to compromise on flavour, foodiness or joy. These are free from recipes that leave you free to love cooking, enjoy eating, and share your food with eagerness.

John Vincent, Leon Co-Founder & CEO says "At Leon, we have always believed that the most healthy relationship with food is a positive and joyful one. That’s why we look to make it easier for people to eat well and steer clear of things that are either temporarily, or permanently, avoiding. If we have done our job right, we will have created a very safe, but very fun playground for you. Somewhere you can play without concern, and do so with a skip in your step. This book is intended to set you free."

Jane Baxter, co-author, adds "If there’s one thing that my 30-odd years in professional kitchens has taught me above all else, it’s that the food you put on a plate has to taste fantastic if you're going to win over an audience. That same philosophy is the guiding light for this. Many of the dishes you’ll find in these pages are influenced by my travels in southern Europe, south-east Asia and beyond, not least because there is an amazing number of food cultures out there in the wider world whose diet is naturally gluten and dairy free."

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