CSI Cyber: The Final Season

April 3rd 2017 | Entertainment One | DVD

CSI: CYBER - The final season - the riveting crime series starring Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette, James Vav Der Beek and Ted Danson and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer – is out to own on DVD on 3rd April 2017.  

From the makers of the worldwide hit and Emmy award winning CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise and based on the real-life work of pioneering cyber-psychologist Mary Aiken, this series brings criminal forensics into the 21st Century and beyond…  

This tense and gripping new season of CSI: Cyber follows the work of Avery Ryan (Arquette), as she and the team welcome D.B. Russell (Danson), a Las Vegas veteran Crime Scene Investigator recruited by Ryan to direct the FBI's Next Generation Cyber Forensics Division. Still grieving the loss of his best friend, and following a recent divorce, Russell decides to take on new challenges by studying how crimes play out in the real world, combining old school forensics with new school tech. 

Loaded with extras, CSI: Cyber - The Final Sesason is a must-own for all fans of crime TV and CSI.  

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