February 9th 2017 | Quadrille | Hardbacks

Citrus fruits are the most exciting family of ingredients with which to cook. They satisfy almost every part of the palate:  sweet, sour, bitter and umami. How many other foods are as versatile and transformative? From Seville oranges to yuzu to grapefruit, bergamot and pomelo, Citrus offers 150 brand new recipes that celebrate these wonderful fruits.

Through fresh salads, scented broths and soups, the happy marriage of seafood and citrus, Asian and Mediterranean-inflected meat dishes, preserves and pickles, to the world of sweet pies, tarts, cakes and cocktails, Catherine Phipps explores the myriad uses of oranges and lemons and all things in between. Her recipes are straightforward, easy to follow and work perfectly every time.

A fascinating cookbook for when you’re stuck for new ideas (we’ve all had a surplus of lemons in the fridge) or simply if you want to freshen up your flavours, Citrus is a colourful, vibrant source of delight and inspiration.

Catherine Phipps writes for the Guardian’s Word of Mouth and is a contributor to BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme. She is the author of The Pressure Cooker Cookbook (2012) and Chicken (2015).

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