January 12th 2017 | Bantam Press | Hardbacks

The latest novel from Conn Uggulden, Ravenspur is an epic tale of intrigue and treachery. Welcome to the battlefield of Bosworth and the deaths of kings, the murder of the Princes in the Tower, Richard III’s devastating defeat, and the beginning of the Tudor line...

1470. In a war that has torn the nation apart, the fate of England hangs in the balance. From the ashes of battle a king will emerge, with the power to change our history. Witness the rise of the Tudors. 

Ravenspur is a phenomenal study of human nature under the pressures of war. Its examination of the mechanisms of power – as betrayals, plots and counter-plots, and surprising switchings of sides accumulate – is still relevant today. Fast paced, suspenseful and gritty, Conn Iggulden’s ability to involve the reader in the minute-by-minute experiences and emotions of kings and lords, soldiers and peasants in battle is unforgettable.  

Conn Iggulden is one of the most successful authors of historical fiction writing today. Conn’s previous two series, on Julius Caesar and on the Mongol Khans of Central Asia, describe the founding of the greatest empires of their day and were number one bestsellers. An ex-school teacher and adventurer, Conn was the first author to ever achieve a simultaneous no 1 across and fiction and non-fiction charts with Dangerous Book for Boys. Over 7 million copies of his books have now sold globally.

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