Pups United

October 26th 2015 | Entertainment One | DVD

The winning combination of football and fidos is on offer in the hugely entertaining family outing Pups United, which makes its DVD bow-wow for the half term holidays on 26 October 2015 from Entertainment One.

Pups United follows a kids’ soccer team and their supportive bunch of hounds as they battle in-team rivalry as well as their top class opponents in this classic underdog tale, which offers up a hugely entertaining mix of talking animals, football action and a dastardly duo of incompetent criminals.

It’s the children’s football World Cup and Ryan’s team are competing with the support of their doggy team mascot Rex, a loveable border collie, with a secret. He can talk! Something which is handy for making friends with the other canine mascots. Rex’s plan for a fun trip is ruined when he accidentally uncovers an evil plan that threatens the tournament. Can Rex and his poochy pals foil the devious plot, save the players and a stadium full of fans while helping his team to victory?

Here's the trailer:


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