The Dopamine Diet

January 12th 2017 | Bloomsbury | Hardbacks

Photo: Christian Barnett

If you're struggling with your weight and need to shift unhealthy pounds, this new approach makes it easy, and is guaranteed to make you feel happier in the process. Most people find it hard to keep to a longā€term dieting regime, but The Dopamine Diet is different. The recipes feature ingredients that trigger the release of the 'happy hormone’ dopamine in your brain, so it’s a diet that will make you feel good! And by ditching alcohol and starchy carbs in favour of plenty of protein, fresh fruit and veg, you will be eating meals that will help you shed the weight, whilst offering a satisfying intensity of flavour.    

Recipes include: spinach, bacon and mint soup; fried halloumi with roasted onion salad; sticky Moroccan spiced chicken; shepherd’s pie with cauliflower and blue cheese topping; soy glazed cod with garlic, chilli and ginger; braised beef with horseradish; Chinese pork hot pot; and chocolate mousse with sesame almond biscuits. These are recipes that can be shared with friends and family – and the best news is that you don’t have to calorie count. It worked for Tom and it can work for you. Give it a go! And lose weight the Dopamine Diet way.    

Tom Kerridge worked as a chef in restaurants across Britain before deciding to set out on his own and take over a rundown pub in the quiet Buckinghamshire town of Marlow. He opened The Hand & Flowers with his wife Beth in 2005, and it went on to become the first (and only) pub in the world to acquire two Michelin stars. In 2014 he opened The Coach, his second pub in  Marlow. As well as hosting two of his own BBC television series, Tom has been at the helm of the BBC’s Food & Drink and Bake Off: Crème de la Crème.   

"I know it may sound like I’m getting all scientific on you, but trust me on this. I’m just  giving you a load of recipes that are low in carbohydrates, and include ingredients  which can help boost dopamine levels in the brain. This means you will enjoy eating  them. It is that easy"
- Tom Kerridge

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