April 24th 2017 | Arrow Films

Prepare to sink your claws into Catfight, a brutal and darkly hilarious film that combines the violence of Fight Club and the poignant comedy of Arrested Development, all mashed into one of the most original and funniest movies of recent years.

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh are on top form as struggling artist Ashley and wealthy housewife Veronica who were friends at college. Their paths have not crossed since, and when they find themselves attending the same event (Ashley working as a waiter at Veronica’s rich husband’s party), their initial thinly-veiled verbal pleasantries soon take a turn for the worse, leading to an all-out brawl and all-consuming rivalry that will keep these two locked in combat for years. 

Actor, writer, director and podcast provocateur Onur Tukel, a man of seemingly unending talents, has assembled a knockout cast for the jaw-droppingly funny and furious New York-set black comedy. With supporting appearances from Alicia Silverstone as Ashley’s lesbian love interest, and Dylan Baker playing an overworked coma doctor, Catfight turns the portrayal of women’s fights in movies on its head in the most violent of ways possible, landing a killer satirical blow at modern day society.

The two esteemed actresses engaged in a bloody brawl in a stairwell is a sight to behold, and the ensuing flip-flop in fortunes of the warring women is an on-target and topical treat that confirms Tukel as a brilliantly canny writer/director.

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