Baker's End: Tatty Bogle

March 3rd 2017 | Bafflegab | Audiobooks

The third episode of Baker’s End - Tatty Bogle - draws Series One to a close. It reunites once more acting legend Tom Baker, former Doctor Who companion Katy Manning, and Susan Jameson, who played opposite Tom in the BBC Doctor Who audio series, for a tale of scarecrows, talking cabbages and human sacrifice.

It’s raining blood on the village of Happenstance. As the end of summer beckons the local folk are planning the Festival of Tatty Bogle. Hideous scarecrows are appearing all over the place, and almost everyone is behaving as if they’re Fudgeknocking bananas. 

Retired TV star Tom Baker is in the garden making friends with cabbages, and Mrs Frimbly is up to curious, malinky deeds of her own. Before the festival is over there’ll be ritual sacrifice, a nasty homunculus and an almighty ruckus in the front parlour. 

But that’s not all. Tom has had a word with the ferryman and it’s all aboard the ferryboat as it glides through the kinchng morts of midnight… We’re all going to Hell, and it looks a lot like Middlesbrough.

The series is written by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who, Brenda and Effie). Paul says: "This episode is the most extreme instalment of Baker’s End yet. Things really start to get very odd indeed. Rural horror, bloody rain and talking cabbages. 

"And I must say again – kudos to our brilliant cast and crew for going along with all these shenanigans. What a superbly funny and busy day we had in October recording this one. Singing! Raining blood! Fleeing from Hades! We barely had time to catch our breath. And, in the middle of it all, the formidable and gracious Tom Baker. He’s a legend, as we all know and he’s in his element, here at the heart of these stories, I think. He bellows and coos and declaims his crazy doggerel as the King of Cats and I couldn’t be prouder of the wonderfully mad and funny world we’ve created around him.” 





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