Technotise: Edit & I

November 9th 2015 | Simply Media | DVD

Filled with sex, drugs, fast cars and hover boards, Serbian cyberpunk anime hybrid Technotise: Edit & I has all the makings of a cult classic and now comes to UK DVD for the very first time courtesy of Simply Media.  Directed and written by renowned comic book author and artist Aleksa Gajić (Scrouge of the Gods),  this exhilarating sci-fi animation based on his graphic novel Technotise makes its UK DVD debut on 9 November 2015.

Belgrade, Serbia, the year is 2074: Edit keeps failing her exams. Her parents keep nagging her. Her boyfriend’s a pothead. Her teacher is pervy. She is bored with life and no-one’s giving her a break.

When her drug-dealing friend offers to implant a stolen military memory chip into her bloodstream to improve her brain power, she jumps at the chance. Little could she predict just how powerful the chip was.

The stolen technology begins to take over her mind and body. She develops a split personality and  new powers greater than she ever imagined. But, the battle is now on to retrieve the stolen
technology running through her veins – and Edit has to race against time to save her life...

Meet your new hero. She’s about to blow your mind in Technotise: Edit & I.

‘Smart & exciting Serbian sci-fi’
- EFilmCritic

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