Detectorists: Series Two

December 7th 2015 | Acorn | DVD

Following its run on BBC Four, Mackenzie Crook's award-winning, critically acclaimed comedy series Detectorists returns for its hugely anticipated second series on DVD from RLJ
Entertainment’s Acorn Label.

Best friends Andy (Mackenzie Crook – The Office, Pirates Of The Caribbean) and Lance (Toby Jones – The Girl, Captain America: The First Avenger) share a passion for metal detecting and spend their time scouring the English countryside, hoping for the one rare find that could change their lives forever.

The new series follows the pair one year on, and Lance is still lovelorn after the departure of his ex-wife, but may be about to surprise everybody with a new and unexpected relationship. Andy and his wife Becky are now parents, but despite qualifying as an archaeologist Andy is still
unemployed and their shared hopes for the future look further off than ever – but Becky has a

Meanwhile the Danebury Metal Detecting Club find themselves on a mission to track down a long-lost  WWII bomber on behalf of a young German man who suddenly arrives in their midst – followed  closely by "Simon and Garfunkel". 

There may be new loves, new challenges and enemies old and new, but always there is the vision, always there is the dream of something that is waiting not too deep beneath the soil; something that will inspire the legendary Gold Dance.

Special features: Behind the scenes feature: A Day Out With Detectorists

"Detectorists has struck the sort of gold that Lance and Andy spend hours sweeping the fields for" - The Guardian

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