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Nina Nesbitt

October 11th 2013 | Norwich Waterfront | Gigs

Words: Madelene Aldridge-Hobbs | Photo: Lucinda Waller

Arriving at the Waterfront Venue in Norwich I was greeted by a mob of fans waiting for a glimpse of the fluffy haired, half Scottish, half Swedish singer Nina Nesbitt.

First up warm up act Olivia Sebastianelli, with her soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics this grungy star was signed to major label Sony RCA when she was just 17 but after 18 months she decided it wasn't right and left to go it alone. With her EP ‘Rose of Stone’ recently released on ITunes; Sebastianelli has a collection of self-written songs to share with us. This was soon followed by Irish singer Daniel James, on stage it was just him and his guitar yet he seemed to command the attention of the room as if her had a whole band. Although he didn't interact with the crowd as much as Sebastianelli his catchy songs were perfect to prepare us for Nina.

Wearing an oversized checked shirt and her signature blonde hair half up with a green scrunchie Nina Nesbitt was greeted by adoring fans, starting the night with ‘chatting up a member of the audience without realising’ Nina had arrived.

Opening her set with favourite ‘The Apple Tree’ from her first EP, Nesbitt frequently spoke to the crowd about how she came about writing songs and what an honour it was to cover Fleetwood Macs song ‘Don’t Stop’ on the current John Lewis advert. After accidentally cutting her hand on her gorgeous baby blue guitar Nina treated us to the first of many guitar solos each one as energetic and entertaining as the last, Nesbitt then played one of the first songs she ever wrote ‘Nose rings and Shoelaces’ which die hard ‘Nesbiens’ knew the lyrics word for word.

Nina Nesbitt then debuted a song she only wrote a few days before hand which was met with a roar of applause from the crowd, too soon Nina announced it was "time to go", but after a chorus of ‘We love you Nina’ she soon reemerged from backstage to play ‘Stay Out’ her most famous song which reached number 21 in the charts and made it onto the Radio One playlist. After a great night it was time to go home, and with Nina hoping to return next year after the release of her album in the summer of 2014 I can’t wait to see her again.


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