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September 25th 2013 | Norwich Waterfront | Gigs

Words: Lucinda Waller | Photo: Lucinda Waller

Outside the doors of the Waterfront Norwich there was a queue of ticket holders and a huddle of desperate, spare ticket seekers excitedly apprehending the four extremely talented men that make up The 1975. These lads accumulated a congregation of revved up girls and heavily outnumbered boys – all hypnotized by the glorious Matt Healy – on the floors of the Waterfront in Norwich this Wednesday. The crowd, high on anticipation went wild with excitement as they strolled on, red wine in hand.

Looking handsome as ever, they had a swift chat then, without wasting a second, they kicked into action and began the show off with ‘The City’ from their Facedown – EP that had the whole content of this intimate venue singing and dancing along – a fantastic start to the show.

Girls’ was another that had everybody going. Every strum of the guitar and every hit of the drums were executed impeccably leaving the heavy drums and happy vibe forcing us through the air jumping for our lives, perfectly in time and singing along in a passionate paroxysm.

During this amazing gig Healy removed his t-shirt to reveal a pale, sweat glistened body leaving the front row of girls pulling at the strings of their hearts; the boys also stood in absolute admiration.

Chocolate’ – labelled as BBC Radio 1 Zayne Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World – as you can imagine was one of the biggest tracks, along with ‘Sex’ – which they played excellently for the encore. The guitars and drums kicked in immediately with pounding beat of ‘Sex’ whilst the crowd transformed the floor into a perspiration pit.

This fabulous gig definitely had us all investigating their unique sound beyond the drawn curtain and I can speak for the entirety of the audience that the performance as a whole was incredibly impressive. We all left for the city in intent on finding love.

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